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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gaming and Misogyny

I gotta love Facebook  My friends come up with some seriously good articles.  I have also liked pages like the Huffington Post, AlterNet, and now Upworthy.   These pages bring forth some seriously tough topics.  Sometimes they sugar coat the topic such as adoption, adoptees, and issues surrounding their families.  Being an adult adoptee, it is a subject that I feel needs massive reform starting with opening birth certificates to adoptees and their families.  There are, however, deeper issues that result from this topic.  It may be semantics to the pro life movement.  Women do have a choice when it comes to their bodies.  There is no single person who is pro death or pro abortion.  I personally believe that both adoption and abortion are tools used to diminish women and their God given role as life giver.  I am not one to fight against the rights and responsibilities of women and their choices.  These decisions are made by women every day according to their circumstances. I may not agree with their choices but I back them with my very life.  I am also a Gulf War/Desert Storm veteran

Sometimes I think that we have moved forward in regards to domestic violence and womens' issues.  I sadly come across this Upworthy Video about female characters in video games.  Anita Sarkeesian wanted to change those characters so that women in general would not be so sexualized.  Considering my children play video games, I would like female characters to be normal women, instead of hypersexed visuals for the male fantasy. I don't know a single female veteran who is a hypersexed woman.  This is not what war is like.  Women don't go around in a war time situation with their boobs busting out carrying a M-16.  It just doesn't happen.  BDUs are not sexy clothing for men or women.  You can check out Anita's video blogs yourself

The Huffington Post wrote about her and her project.  You can also follow the links as well.  I find it interesting that when men disagree with a woman's issue, men say that she needs to get laid or worse.  It really is shocking.  Would you say this stuff if she were your sister, your mother, your daughter or your wife?  I believe that men and women are different.  God did not intend for women to be treated so badly.  That is on man and man alone.  Men through out time have perverted the meaning of submission.  A woman needs to feel safe.  She needs to be able to trust.  This video games do NOT encourage that.  Why should I as a woman trust a man who plays these kinds of video games with who I am as a woman?  That is what this comes down to. 

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