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Monday, April 30, 2012

Anti-adoption and Anti-abortion

Why am I against both of these hot topics?  I believe both treat adoptees and their families as disposable.  Adoptees are the product in a massively unregulated industry.  Mothers and fathers are the producers.  They are treated worse than livestock.  In the livestock industry, there are those who protect their rights.  No one protects the rights of mothers and fathers.  The adoptive parents pay huge amounts of money without being properly educated on the perils of adoption which affect their adoptees in the long run.

Abortion has many of the same elements.  I don't believe there is near the marketing level of adoption with abortion.  It dehumanizes adoptees.  With the laws being enacted, women are treated as ignorant and incapable of deciding for themselves.

I would not actively fight against both of these situations.  There are very human situations that laws can't even begin to imagine.  We are changing laws that are life altering and damaging to women.  Women are losing their reproductive organs and their health in the process.

We forget the humanity in these situations.  There is no compassion for any of these men and women.  I have been to Groom, Texas.  All of the statutes around the cross are awesome.  It truly portrays Christ's experience.  There is a side statute that is dedicated to the children lost to abortion.  My initial response to it was that the mothers and fathers of those children are forgotten.  For me, it was revolting that they are forgotten.  They are not given compassion, forgiveness, and support.  It is the same for the natural mothers of adoption.  Adoption dehumanizes these women and makes them into producers of product.  It does not redeem them at all. 

On a basic level as a woman, adoption and abortion are two of the most difficult decisions a woman has to make.  Both deny her motherhood.  At least with abortion, a woman knows that her child is with God.  Adoption is often a crap shoot.  The lack of knowledge about her child is very devastating.  I remember one line from an old friend, "If adoption is so great, which child are you willing to relinquish?"  Most people would say none.

These are my views on these subjects as woman and a mother.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Beginning

I was once known as Amyadoptee.   You could find me anywhere on adoption related.  That was four years ago.  A great deal has changed since then but much has stayed the same. 

I am still an adoptee/adoption reform activist.  I am anti adoption and anti abortion.  That is a blog post unto itself.  It will be explained further.  I support the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, Bastard Nation, and The Green Ribbon Campaign.  I support SMAAC, CUB, and Origins (they have groups everywhere).  I also support PEAR.  These groups all believe in the same philosophies as I do.  Again this is coming in a subsequent blog post which will be posted for all to read.

I became unwittingly a non custodial mother. I have two precious daughters. I am divorced and now living with a wonderful man, forever known as Amy's Super Cable Dude, Teen Angel, and Wild Angel.  I am acting stepmom to Amarillo Angel, Heavenly Angel, and Military Dude.  I am acting step grandmother to three other precious angels.  This situation is also a blog post unto itself.  Amy's Ex, the Not So Super Cowboy (He is a good cowboy but more along the lines of not a great husband to me) is now married to someone else.  She has two daughters along with two grandchildren.

I am now a veteran at the mercy of the Micheal E. Debakey Veterans Affairs Hospital.  I suffer from a little known disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa that resulted from drugs forcibly (AKA following a lawful order) administer during my time in the United States Army during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. 

I am still a woman who has serious issues with the War on Women.  I am a member of the Texas War on Women group.

I am member of the Christian Left.  I would rather my tax dollars go to a Welfare Queen instead of a Welfare corporation. 

I love cats, dogs, and horses in general.  I have my favorites.  

I have been many things such as a letter carrier and a cable installer.  I am also a Jill of all trades.  I am now a college student, studying nursing.  

Be patient with me as I develop this new blog.  It will provide useful links to all of these subjects.  It will also include a list of favorite books, movies, and music.