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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maybe It Is Just Me?

Many folks are already talking about gun control laws after the horror of Sandy Hook Elementary.  In China, there was an attempted mass killing with someone using a knife.  It doesn't matter the method of weaponry.  We need to address the issues of mental health in this country.  Mental illness shows up in many forms from anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental illness.

I have read so many stories since Friday concerning the shooting.  One of the most horrifying commentary is the question, "Where was your God during this shooting?"   He was with the mother of Adam Lanza as she was sleeping.  He was with the principal, Dawn Hochsprung,as she fought him over his decision.  He was with the school psychologist, Mary Scherlach,as she argued with him about his decision. He helped the teachers keep children calm with prayers and happy thoughts.   He was with both of the teachers as they begged him to change his mind.  He was holding the children asking them to come home.  He was there kneeling with the victims as they passed.  He was holding each and everyone of them.  So yes my God was there. 

On the day of the shooting,before, and afterwards, there were several reports of other shootings such as Bartlesville OK, Cedar Lake,Indiana, San Antonio, Portland Oregon, and countless more.  Some of the extremists are blaming single mothers.

I was in the U.S. Army.  I have shot the military equivalent of an AR 15.  I have shot a nine mil.  I have shot various shotguns. So Nancy Lanza was a gun enthusiast.  I can understand it.  She lived in a remote area alone with her son.  I understand the need for a gun.  I lived in a very rural area where we had wild life that would attack and kill beloved pets and horses.  We also had to protect livestock.  It was a requirement for us.  There is no ifs ands or buts about the situation.  I understand.  As a Christian, I am willing to give her this leeway.  Despite the horrible report blaming single mothers, the divorce of the parents was not acrimonious.  In fact, the father went out of his way to provide a loving safe environment for his ex-wife and sons. Blaming absent fathers is another mistake.   Current child support laws and enforcement of visitation is to blame for that.  In fact the lack of enforcement of visitation hurts children more.  Having been in that situation, I know personally.

More guns are not the answer.  I believe that the assault weapons should be banned along with large magazine capacity.  There is no need to have such a powerful weapon in the hands of citizens.  It is not a good hunting weapon as it destroys the meat to a point where no one can eat it including wild life.  Keep your rifles and hand guns locked up.  Background checks on people purchasing weapons including at gun shows.  People who are purchasing these weapons should be required gun safety classes plus providing locked gun cabinets and gun locks at a lower cost at the end of the class.

The absence of God is off base radically. God was there as he motivated the teachers to protect children.  God was holding those children as they slipped into heaven's realm.  I can't help but wonder when Adam turned the gun on himself did he realize the horror he caused.   I wonder what exactly he was feeling when he turned the gun on his mother and himself.  I wonder why he used his brother's identification.  He had quite a bit of ammo as well

 Please do not blame Asperger's either.  They are not weird.  They are loving children.  I have two members of my family that have this disorder.  They are not violent but in fact, super intelligent beings.  I do agree that mental health illness as a whole needs to be addressed in this country.  We need to provide resources for families so that they don't face this kind of horror.  If anything we need to figure out why Autism exists. 

Truthfully we have no one to blame but ourselves in this situation.  Sandy Hook could have happened any where or any place.  We need to look at everything that played a role in this mess.  We can't blame just guns, video games, autism, and mental health issues.  We can't point the fingers at his parents.  We have to look at society as well.  What can we do to change? 

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