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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Commentary on Kansas Anti-abortion SB 313

Although I am anti-abortion and anti-adoption, I will not come out to actively fight against either one of them.  They serve a purpose.  I believe that abortion decision should be left between a woman, her doctor, and God.  I refuse to judge women and men involved in the nightmare of making this kind of decision.  Just like I refuse to come out against homosexuality.  Why?  I am not God.  I am not here to judge.  I believe that my sins are just as bad as homosexuality and abortion.  None of these sins are worse than the other in the eyes of God.  They are all equal in his eyes. 

After reading the Kansas anti abortion bill SB 313, it was a long bill and often very vague.  There are many concerns that I have with this bill.  It removes the Hippocratic Oath of doctors.  In recent years, conscientious objection laws in regard to abortion have been enacted and passed.  Sadly these laws are being used in other situations other than abortion.  This is my concern with SB 313. 

My sister had a situation where it could have killed her youngest daughter, Super Character Girl.  She went to the hospital in labor.  The nurse tried to send her home.  My sister knew something was wrong.  She said no.  The nurse told her to go home.  She then requested her doctor and pediatrician who specializes with her situation.  The doctor and the pediatrician both agreed that Super Character Girl needed to come out.  The nurse objected to giving care for God knows what reasons.  If they hadn't done the procedure, Super Character Girl would have never been born alive.  These types of laws along with SB 313 give too much influence that allow medical malpractice to occur.    They allow bad doctors to continue practicing bad medicine without  any ramifications.  You have issues such as preclampsia which affect a woman's health.  I have known many a woman who had this disease process that made a woman mentally and physically ill.  Sometimes it is misdiagnosed.  I knew a woman who lost her life as a result.  This situation occurred in the Army overseas in Germany.

Some serious points of concern with this type of bill:
  • It creates a personhood law which outlaws in vitro fertilization and birth control pills.  Birth control pills are often used to other female health issues.
  • No one that performs abortion can provide counseling to a woman.  They can't even provide sexual education in schools or other state agencies.  No federal and state monies can be given to abortion providers who provide other health care services.  A religious official is authorized to be one of those counseling the pregnant woman even if they have no degree in counseling.  (Read a total and complete ban on Planned Parenthood)
  • No state employee can perform an abortion during work hours. 
  • Both the father and the parents of a pregnant woman can sue a doctor for performing an abortion when they were not informed of the decision.  (Read Planned Parenthood again).
  • The woman, her abortion provider, and her employer who has an abortion rider on an insurance policy will all be taxed.  No tax credit will be provided for any of these. 
  • The bill repeatedly states that there is no right to an abortion.  
  • A woman can not have an abortion based on the sex of the fetus.  
  • If any part of this law is found unconstitutional, the remainder of the law will stand.
  • If the fetus is viable, it requires two doctors not associated with each other to sign off on this.  
  • The only restriction for a viable fetus to be aborted is if the woman has a physical issue that would endanger her life.  There are no restrictions in regards to rape/incest or the mental health of the mother.  So if the preclampsia is missed, she will be forced to carry her child even if it results in the mother's death.  The doctor can not be sued for medical malpractice.  
  • All abortions must be certified.  
  • If a doctor withholds information regarding the fetus that might lead to abortion, he can't be sued unless it results in the woman's death.  That is only for wrongful death.  This situation leads to other issues that also related to the conscientious objection laws.  A woman could be bleeding out and she would  not be provided with care to protect her life if it leads to an abortion. 
  • The bill includes extensive information regarding the week by week development of the fetus.
  • If a woman decides to place a child and the father decides to parent, he must have provided for the pregnant woman during the last six months of her pregnancy.  So this bill even messes with a father's right to parent.  The law also pushes child support heavily on fathers along with adoption. So if a man didn't father this child, he could be subject to child support without proving he is the biological father.  
  • The pregnant women is required to be told about breast cancer risks and loss of future children.  These studies have been disproved time and time again.  Just as there are mental health risks for abortion, adoption risks are not mentioned ever.  That mothers long for their children over the years.  
The medical profession is deprived of its responsibilities toward women.  Women are treated as incompetent and ignorant in regards to decisions on their own bodies.  Yet these legislators think that there is no war on women.  YEA RIGHT!

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