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Thursday, August 15, 2013


There is a great new Facebook page to help show your support of Dusten and his daughter, Veronica and is called the Boycott Troy the Locator.  I am asking fellow adoptees and their families to join in.  Dusten and Veronica live in a part of Oklahoma that I called home for several years.  I worked in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for Dr. Vernon Newby and for the USPS as a letter carrier.  It is one area of this country that I do call home.  I got to witness a Cherokee Powwow and another one in Dewey, Oklahoma.  I have been a huge fan of the Indian Nations for many years as the names of my daughters will attest to. 

Troy Dunn known as the Locator has for years profited off the backs of adoptees and first parents alike for many years.  Adoption is not an easy trip for us in the first place but you add a mixture of drama and theater provided by Troy Dunn.  Wallah!!!!  A match is made for a television show.  I haven't watched the Locator in years so I don't even know if it is still on. 

Troy Dunn attempted to come onto the Cherokee reservation outside of a tribal school.  He brought with him a bunch of television cameras.  This situation between the Capobiancos and the Browns is heart wrenching enough without adding a television character to the mix.  Troy you do not speak for adoptees and first parents.  You do not speak for the Native American Nations.  It is time that you go back to that whole in the wall and stay there. 

By the way, Jeff Dunham is so much cuter and sexier than you.  He is a hellacious comic.  He sure as hell doesn't use people.

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