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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Beginning

I was once known as Amyadoptee.   You could find me anywhere on adoption related.  That was four years ago.  A great deal has changed since then but much has stayed the same. 

I am still an adoptee/adoption reform activist.  I am anti adoption and anti abortion.  That is a blog post unto itself.  It will be explained further.  I support the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, Bastard Nation, and The Green Ribbon Campaign.  I support SMAAC, CUB, and Origins (they have groups everywhere).  I also support PEAR.  These groups all believe in the same philosophies as I do.  Again this is coming in a subsequent blog post which will be posted for all to read.

I became unwittingly a non custodial mother. I have two precious daughters. I am divorced and now living with a wonderful man, forever known as Amy's Super Cable Dude, Teen Angel, and Wild Angel.  I am acting stepmom to Amarillo Angel, Heavenly Angel, and Military Dude.  I am acting step grandmother to three other precious angels.  This situation is also a blog post unto itself.  Amy's Ex, the Not So Super Cowboy (He is a good cowboy but more along the lines of not a great husband to me) is now married to someone else.  She has two daughters along with two grandchildren.

I am now a veteran at the mercy of the Micheal E. Debakey Veterans Affairs Hospital.  I suffer from a little known disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa that resulted from drugs forcibly (AKA following a lawful order) administer during my time in the United States Army during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. 

I am still a woman who has serious issues with the War on Women.  I am a member of the Texas War on Women group.

I am member of the Christian Left.  I would rather my tax dollars go to a Welfare Queen instead of a Welfare corporation. 

I love cats, dogs, and horses in general.  I have my favorites.  

I have been many things such as a letter carrier and a cable installer.  I am also a Jill of all trades.  I am now a college student, studying nursing.  

Be patient with me as I develop this new blog.  It will provide useful links to all of these subjects.  It will also include a list of favorite books, movies, and music. 

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